Eliminate CORONAVIRUS and other

Harmful Pathogens

One of nature’s most powerful weapons against harmful pathogens including the Coronavirus, is Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), one of the most effective known Biocides. ShockWater Chemicals is introducing a powerful sanitizer that mimics natural processes.

HOCl is produced naturally by white blood cells to kill invasive organisms and fight infections. It is one of nature's best defenses against harmful pathogens. 

Strong enough for a hospital, gentle enough for your home. 

  • Very effective

  • Inhibits microbe’s ability to adapt or evolve

  • No hazardous residual




WipeOut Sanitizer is a powerful HOCl with a detailed EPA registration, showing it is effective as a Sanitizer, fungicide, and mold remediator. 


HOCl has been around for decades and is known to be 100x more effective than common bleach in eliminating the harmful pathogens. With its near neutral pH and no additional exotic chemicals, it is much less harmful to the user and the surfaces being sanitized. WipeOut is a water-soluble granule available in bulk, pre-measured pouches, and tablets or in pre-mixed hospital grade sanitizer solution. 

  • 99.99996 Kill Log

  • Effective Elimination of Biologics without Building Resistance

  • In dilution, it's near neutral pH 




WipeOut (HOCl) has been tested and effectively utilized for several years in multiple markets including food production, the dairy industry, and janitorial applications. It is an efficient and economic choice for the pathogen crisis management. It is the biocide of choice to keep us all safe.


WipeOut granules are diluted in water to achieve a desired concentration of HOCl specific for your needs, whether it be control or sanitation.

  • Gentle Enough for Your Home

  • Strong Enough for Your Hospital




  • EPA Registered

  • FDA Registered

  • NSF Approved

  • Economical

  • pH Neutral

  • 99.99996 Kill Log

  • No Severe HAZMAT

  • Environmentally Friendly




WipeOut is a white granular, water soluble product. User mixes the WipeOut concentration for the application requirement: biocide, sanitization or control. It is applied by sponge, sprayer, mop or fogging.


Pre-mixed Solution

WipeOut's pre-mixed 1 gallon container and spray bottle will be...




WipeOut is suitable as a biocide for controlling microbial activity. It is applicable to most common porous and non-porous surfaces, including those that come into direct contact with food.

At ShockWater Chemicals, "Chemistry is Everything," which means that we subscribe to the belief that human chemistry is as important to success as is the science. Great chemistry in our partnerships and great chemistry in our products, that's everything to us.


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to win the war against CORONAVIRUS.



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